Sunday, 4 November 2012

This week I have bought...

Ok, so this week I have gone a little shopping crazy... I haven't stopped woopsiee! So here goes:

I am totally obsessed with everything they have is so amazing and covered in studs and in case you haven't already guessed I LOVE STUDS! Here's what I got:

Toooo excited to wear these!!

Topshop :

These were only £20 in the sale!!

This has got to be my favourite buy this week, i am obsessed with skater skirts and leopard print so when i saw this on the 'oh my love' rail in Topshop I couldn't walk past!

And finally I managed to find these cute charm rings in Primark for £1.50 each #bargain!

I can't wait to wear all my new things and do some outfit posts!

peace, love & fashion x

My week through #instagram

If you follow me on instagram @rohinisood or my fashion page @stylesquatter you will know I am OBSESSED with it! I post pictures all the time, let me know in a comment if you follow me and I will check yours out!

So, Here's my week through instagram...

Hotel Chocolat chocolates... because who doesn't love these? (i had 4 woopsieee)!

Cute Halloween decorations at my friends flat, there weren't any pumpkins left at the supermarket so we got creative and drew on a butternut squash! :)

My cute peace & love slippers from `Missguided.

Me and my gorgeous friends at a party on friday night, it was so much fun!

My very cute 'R' charm ring which i picked up from Primark!!

Okay so this picture is from the week before last when I was in Turkey on a trip with my University but I just could not 'not' upload it... some amazing Giuseppe Zanotti look-al-likes!! ahhhh-mayyy-ziiiingggg !!

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peace, love & fashion!x

Sunday Inspiration

peace, love & fashion. Rx

Thursday, 17 May 2012

CJG Shoes

Topshop heiress Chloe Green has launched her own shoe range in Topshop Oxford Circus (ofcourse) and on her own website! For the last few weeks she has been tweeting crazy about them and when they launched this morning they did NOT disappoint!! Each shoe is named after a special person in her life.
With the heels no less than 6" I obviously have a few favorites... the gorgeous Bella Bea wooden wedge which ofcouse is sold out, the the Tiger Lily side scoop booties and the stud back peep toe courts... IN LOVE!!
Peace, Love & Fashion x