Sunday, 4 November 2012

My week through #instagram

If you follow me on instagram @rohinisood or my fashion page @stylesquatter you will know I am OBSESSED with it! I post pictures all the time, let me know in a comment if you follow me and I will check yours out!

So, Here's my week through instagram...

Hotel Chocolat chocolates... because who doesn't love these? (i had 4 woopsieee)!

Cute Halloween decorations at my friends flat, there weren't any pumpkins left at the supermarket so we got creative and drew on a butternut squash! :)

My cute peace & love slippers from `Missguided.

Me and my gorgeous friends at a party on friday night, it was so much fun!

My very cute 'R' charm ring which i picked up from Primark!!

Okay so this picture is from the week before last when I was in Turkey on a trip with my University but I just could not 'not' upload it... some amazing Giuseppe Zanotti look-al-likes!! ahhhh-mayyy-ziiiingggg !!

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peace, love & fashion!x

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