Wednesday, 22 December 2010

New York Tomorrow!

I'm flying to New York tomorrow morning and I'm just a liiiitle bit excited! I hadn't  finished packing my case until about ten minutes ago but I think I've got everything I need. Lots of warm cardi's, UGGS and my fab new welly/boots, the bottom bit is a welly and the top is quilted like a normal boot I love them! I will definitely be taking lots and lots of photograph's so be sure to check back in a week to see my posts, I'm sure I'll have aloooot to share with you.

It feels weird not to have posted in so long but I have been a bit busy trying to do as much coursework as I can before i go because unfortunately I only have 4 days when I come home before college starts again. 

Hope everyone has a fabulous Christmas, is anybody doing anything exciting?

does anyone why is blogger not letting me upload a photo to this post :(

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Friday, 17 December 2010


Where was Gossip Girl this week, does anybody know why it wasn't on? I am a HUGEEE fan & can't get enough of the drama on the upper east side!

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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

I love these shoes

Thakoon Mongolian Fur Gilet £793
Gucci Skinny leather pants £1263
Marni Studded suede pumps £405
Alexander McQueen bags £850

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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Oh na na, what's my name

 A little heart i made from mesh wire and red suede !

I haven't blogged for a few days so here it is ... The X Factor this weekend was so good and apparently the most watched episode of it ever was Sunday's final when Matt Cardle won. As good as I thought Matt was I was rooting for Liverpool girl  Rebecca Ferguson :) I'm so sure she'll do well too, at least i hope she does. Her voice was amazing. My favorite song she performed was Show me love in the semi final... but who can forget amazing grace, she is so fab!

Today was loooong although, I did get quite abit of work done & went to the fabric shop to buy some sample materials for my construction project I have been going on about for the last 2 weeks! We also found out today that we've been given an extra week to complete it when we come back to college after the Christmas holidays which was nice to hear.

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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Ahhh, I  sent off my UCAS application today. It was a scary moment, knowing I'd done everything I could have done and it's all up to the University's I chose to make the decision now. All I can do is keep checking UCAS Track and wait for a offer haha! I think all the decisions are made by the end of January since the deadline is the 15th.. and then the hard work really begins... creating a portfolio of work to take to interviews. I have done so much work in class recently creating samples, draping fabrics & reading books so that in my interviews I can show a variety of skills & I haven't done some of them before so it's quite exciting to see what I come out with!

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Love these ...

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Platform Boot.

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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Fashion inspiration...

Today I draped fabrics on a mannequin in the style of the buildings in the post I wrote earlier this week. Since my main theme is contrast I used two different styles of material... the navy blue is wool and the cream coloured one is taffeta. 
I also went to the library in my new college for the first time today to see if I could find anymore books to look at for ideas and inspiration... & I did! The first was called 'Dressed in black' by Valerie Mendes the chief director of textiles & dress at the V&A Museum in London. The book is about 'the extraordinary and enduring fashion phenomenon, the little black dress'. The second book is called 'Giorgio Armani' and includes many designs and photo shoots including his garments. I borrowed this book because it has a section called 'gender' that shows how masculine clothes can be altered and look feminine! The final book is a book on architecture and is called 'Calatrava Bridges' this shows designs, construction processes and final outcomes of bridges all over the world. Some of them to me looked like they could be recreated and altered to be shirts! 
I haven't read any of the books properly yet but I am going to so keep checking back to see if I post any more photographs!

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Apple Mac

I  ♥ Apple Mac By Daniel Service
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Monday, 6 December 2010

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Let me know which one you try!

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Well today was a bit chilly!

 How slippery was it today? I must have pulled about 5 ninja moves to save myself from falling over! & it was freeeezing, when i got in the car the temp was -3!! luckily I wore thick leggings and over the knee boots which kept me quite warm!
In class i just carried on with my construction project I posted about last week and I found another architectural book which had some amazing buildings in...

Sorry for the bad photo's I can't show you the other ones i scanned in because I forgot to send the files to myself. So I will post them tomorrow!

p.s I've posted some silly photo booth photo's too, hope you like them!  & tomorrow i'm going to do a 'today in photo's' post so come back to have a look!
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Friday, 3 December 2010

Fashion project

On Wednesday I got a new project for fashion&textiles set called 'construction' We were given a long list of words and told to bring in some research to the lesson. From the words i chose 'contrast' as my main focus... things like opaque & transparent, matte & shiny and masculine & feminine were what i first thought of for example women wearing suits... although a suit is more associated with men woman have worn them with a twist!

If anyone knows any designers/architects/photographers that have work that could relate to this then please let me know and ill have a look! :)

So far I've looked through one book called skin & bones (some of the pictures above!). It is pages and pages of buildings and photographs that sparked ideas for famous fashion collections including some of Viktor & Rolf and Vivienne Westwood!

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Let it snow...

 The giant snowball everyone in my street made!

My friends Alyce & Ryan mid snowball fight!

These are some of the photographs I took when it snowed in January & since we haven't had it that bad where I live I thought I'd post them now... Saying that, it is snowing outside at the moment :) 

In Jan we were off sixth form for a whole week because of the weather, wonder if the same will happen this time round...

What's everyone wearing while its snowing?? :)

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