Friday, 3 December 2010

Let it snow...

 The giant snowball everyone in my street made!

My friends Alyce & Ryan mid snowball fight!

These are some of the photographs I took when it snowed in January & since we haven't had it that bad where I live I thought I'd post them now... Saying that, it is snowing outside at the moment :) 

In Jan we were off sixth form for a whole week because of the weather, wonder if the same will happen this time round...

What's everyone wearing while its snowing?? :)

☮ & ♥


Anonymous said...

Hardly any snow where I am! D= glad you are having fun keep warm!!

Kiki said...

Much sweaters! I like your blog :) xx

Jana and Vanessa said...

Snow, snow, snow everywhere!
Keep it up with your blog and thanks for sharing!
All the best
Midnight Couture Girls

jadore said...

Wow that is alot of snow! We never get snow here, but I love to visit it!