Thursday, 2 December 2010

Pink Friday lipstick!

After the release of her album 'Pink Friday' Nicki Minaj has designed her own lisptick for MAC called 'pink for friday' which apparently you can only buy on a friday?! AND... it's already sold out! I guess i'll have to wait!
It is such a cute shade of girly pink and I think would suit most skin tones... & so I think most people will love it.

Has anyone got it yet?

☮ & ♥


Gertrude said...

It looks pretty! x

Keeping up with Kristy!!! said...

Hey this is great blog, it really shows you have knowledge in fashion, I'm a new blogger myself and wanted to know you would like to follow each other

Vintage and Cake said...

I really wanted this but it has sold out, it looks like sure a cool modern pink she is so damn cool too. xx

Jason laucht said...

thank u darling for the comment <3

great color!<3

jadore said...

I never got to check out this new color =( I heard so many great things about it.

Rachel said...

It's back on the 17th December - I'm gonna order mine then, it looks so nice.

I really like your blog too, I'm trying to get mine going at the moment if you feel like taking a look!