Thursday, 9 December 2010

Ahhh, I  sent off my UCAS application today. It was a scary moment, knowing I'd done everything I could have done and it's all up to the University's I chose to make the decision now. All I can do is keep checking UCAS Track and wait for a offer haha! I think all the decisions are made by the end of January since the deadline is the 15th.. and then the hard work really begins... creating a portfolio of work to take to interviews. I have done so much work in class recently creating samples, draping fabrics & reading books so that in my interviews I can show a variety of skills & I haven't done some of them before so it's quite exciting to see what I come out with!

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Cee said...

Gorgeous photos! It hasn't snowed yet where I live and I'm crossing my fingers that mother nature will be kind to us this year, hehe. Best of luck with your university app!


good luck with all your university stuff!! im sure they'll all want you!!:D

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Gertrude said...

Goodluck! x

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your Uni application!
Love those pics, they're so beautiful!!!


Pippa said...

Trust me it does get better!
I was waiting for SO long then i got much happier :)where have you applied? <3

Gudrun and Iris said...

beautiful peaceful pics! good luck btw - i am sure you'll find soemthing very soon! just keep on trying!

Alexandra said...

I can't wait for snow to come . I love snow so much.

alexandra @

Vintage and Cake said...

GOOD LUCK babe I'm sure you have done well and try not to let it overshadow Christmas for you :) I love snow photos ours has all gone it's so shit :( Anyway let us know how you do xxxx