Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Snowy days

I don't know what to make of all this snowy weather? I thought we had enough earlier this year and that I would be fed up of it by now... but when I look out of the window it's so pretty! It wasn't too bad when i left my house to go to college this morning but at about 11 o'clock it was like a snow storm, looking out the window felt like we were inside a snow globe!

I was quite excited to go outside and take some pictures to post here but when i switched on my camera it was just my luck to find the memory card was missing... how typical?!  Maybe I will be able to take some tomorrow! 

So, what to wear in this crazy weather? As it is I am not much of a morning person so lately I've been picking out my clothes before I go to bed... for tomorrow I've chosen a grey winter dress, thick tights, a warm coat and some sparkly ballet shoes (although I'm not sure if my shoes will get ruined in the snow so i might change them in the morning) 

Come back tomorrow to see some snowy photographs!

☮ & ♥


Anonymous said...

i cant wait for it to snow in new york!!
oh and by the way my families favorite soccer team is Liverpool wohoo


JenlovesBal said...

Cute blog!

Snow is pretty, but I hate the cold! :)

I'm a follower now.


the sparkling dust said...

too bad we dont have snow in indonesia :(
have a nice day and cant wait your snowy photographs :)


the snows ever so pretty, but the cold that comes with it is so suckish!!
courtney xx