Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Oh na na, what's my name

 A little heart i made from mesh wire and red suede !

I haven't blogged for a few days so here it is ... The X Factor this weekend was so good and apparently the most watched episode of it ever was Sunday's final when Matt Cardle won. As good as I thought Matt was I was rooting for Liverpool girl  Rebecca Ferguson :) I'm so sure she'll do well too, at least i hope she does. Her voice was amazing. My favorite song she performed was Show me love in the semi final... but who can forget amazing grace, she is so fab!

Today was loooong although, I did get quite abit of work done & went to the fabric shop to buy some sample materials for my construction project I have been going on about for the last 2 weeks! We also found out today that we've been given an extra week to complete it when we come back to college after the Christmas holidays which was nice to hear.

☮ & ♥


Anonymous said...

Oh my I was just humming the song in my head and I scrolled down and saw the post in my box xD

Oh Nana
I was happy for matt too ;D
I didn't really like rebecca until the final. But I think she killed Like a Star....


Rachel said...

I totally agree that Rebecca deserved to win, I voted for her but I'm still really pleased for Matt cos he was another favourite. I'm sure Rebecca will have a career she has such an amazing voice!

And don't even get me started on Rihanna, she is amazing. I love her new album and her performances were excellent this weekend on the X Factor. Although I've heard that loads of people have complained because they were too raunchy?! How ridiculous.

Just some of my thoughts! Went on for a bit there...


Rebecca Fergusons version of 'show me love' was absolutely sensational, she's so talented and will definately make it far.
+ Rihanna's performances were A-MAZING!