Monday, 6 December 2010

Well today was a bit chilly!

 How slippery was it today? I must have pulled about 5 ninja moves to save myself from falling over! & it was freeeezing, when i got in the car the temp was -3!! luckily I wore thick leggings and over the knee boots which kept me quite warm!
In class i just carried on with my construction project I posted about last week and I found another architectural book which had some amazing buildings in...

Sorry for the bad photo's I can't show you the other ones i scanned in because I forgot to send the files to myself. So I will post them tomorrow!

p.s I've posted some silly photo booth photo's too, hope you like them!  & tomorrow i'm going to do a 'today in photo's' post so come back to have a look!
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Anonymous said...

Those buildings look so amazing!!!

Gertrude said...

lovely buildings!

Anonymous said...

Oh and for your fb comment google 'Facebook blogger like post' or something like that, it's quite hard to set up took me ages, good luck! =D x

♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

Oh that gold building plays tricks with your eyes

Love the photo B pics!

Edinburgh was -9 today with snow up to my knees so starting to get fed up now :(Xx

Jason laucht said...

hey great photos! here is very cold! lol

thx for the comment

Katy Jackson said...

haha i brought that photo of the wombat thing in - i wondered where it had got to but glad you put it to use :)
your blog is lovely and very up-to-date, i never have the time to blog now xx

Finder said...

so funny post