Sunday, 14 April 2013

Topshop Boot Dilema

Finally finished one of my pieces of work for deadline day and so decided to online shop.. what else am I supposed to do on a Sunday evening? I have been looking at getting some nice black ankle boots recently, I always see girls wearing them and I love how they look but there are just tooooo many nice ones to chose from! 

I have narrowed it down to a few from Topshop but can someone please help me decide?? 

Comment below which ones you think I should buy and make my decision easier!! 

Look out for my next post on my statement necklace collection!
peace, love & fashion

Saturday, 13 April 2013

British Heritage Uni Project

Soooo right now I should be finishing off the last bits of my portfolio for a deadline on Monday but instead i'm on here posting about not doing it rather than actually going for it! 

My most recent project was titled British Heritage, we were given the brief and told to research into it however we wanted, produce research and design boards and then make 2 final garments!

I chose to look into the 70s/80s and the Punk era with my designer being Vivienne Westwood... obviously!  I decided to make a jacket and a pair of trousers and after much difficulty (and ripping my hair out!) I have finally completed them so here they are:

I went all out and crimped my models hair which actually did not look as bad as I expected and styled the outfit out with a Missguided studded bralet and cross belt. 

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think of them... 

peace, love & fashion

Lush Lip Scrub

Recently I have been addicted to watching Youtube beauty guru's and after looking at them all raving about products I have decided to try some out myself! First on my list is the the Bubblegum lip scrub from Lush, everyone and their mother seems to have it so obviously I had to get it too!

I bought this last week and have only just got round to trying it out and oh my god... it is AMAAAY-ZZZING! 

You only need the tiniest amount and rub it on your lips for as long as it takes to mostly dissolve (or as long as it takes for you to lick it off, it's delish!). It leaves your lips soft and smooth and is an amazing base to apply lipstick onto.

I am currently waiting for the Postman to arrive with my Missguided parcel so look out for a mini haul in my next post! 

peace, love & fashion

Thursday, 11 April 2013

My Fashion Weekly Wishlist

1. Laetita Leather Asymmetric Mini Skirt - Missguided
2.Shorter Brim Fedora - Topshop
3. Pool Party - China Glaze
4. Wildfox Tee - Urban Outfitters
5. HONG KONG Sandals - ASOS
6. Stone Flower Collar - Topshop
7.Rona Leather Sleeve Oversized Sweatshirt - Missguided

Surprise Surprise this month I am looooving neon and black! I am completely obsessed with 'Pool Party' by China Glaze and have asked for it the last 3 times I have been to get my nails done! I am also totally loving leather so when I saw this asymmetric skirt on Missguided I had to buy it so look out for a styling post coming soon! 

Comment below with your styling tips and how you think I should wear the skirt!

peace, love & fashion

DIY Bejewelled Converse

Even though everyone has these now I had to make my own so here's how...

What you will need:

Fabric glue

Step 1
Wipe clean your Converse toe tips, make sure you dry them too or else the glue won't work! (trust me... I made this mistake!!)

Step 2
Take your fabric glue and apply a thin line of it along the widest part of the toe top like this:

Step 3
Repeat this step until you have covered the whole tip! This might take a while as it's a little tricky especially if you have chubby fingers like me :) !

Now your shoes are completely finished you have to leave them to dry, approx 5 hours is probably okay but I left mine overnight just in case!

Step 4
Now your shoes are completely dry remove the old laces and replace with some shiny ribbons like I have done!

Hope you enjoyed my mini DIY!
Comment if you liked it and maybe I can do some more similar posts!

peace, love & fashion

Long Time No Blog

So, I don't even remember the last time I blogged now but I just saw my friend Lorna Redfern's amazing new blog and she made me want to start again!!!

Check her out at This Chicks Pics !

And watch this space for my DIY bejewelled Converse post!

peace, love & fashion