Saturday, 13 April 2013

British Heritage Uni Project

Soooo right now I should be finishing off the last bits of my portfolio for a deadline on Monday but instead i'm on here posting about not doing it rather than actually going for it! 

My most recent project was titled British Heritage, we were given the brief and told to research into it however we wanted, produce research and design boards and then make 2 final garments!

I chose to look into the 70s/80s and the Punk era with my designer being Vivienne Westwood... obviously!  I decided to make a jacket and a pair of trousers and after much difficulty (and ripping my hair out!) I have finally completed them so here they are:

I went all out and crimped my models hair which actually did not look as bad as I expected and styled the outfit out with a Missguided studded bralet and cross belt. 

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think of them... 

peace, love & fashion

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Krystel said...

Love this I like how you can use both sides of the jacket very nice piece I am also studying fashion and your blog has helped me out with presentation and texture loved your other blog with your portfolio pieces and all I can say is amazing work and your so talented D: xx