Sunday, 30 January 2011

New New New!

Aaah so I've been shopping this weekend and bought a few things! I went to the Trafford Center yesterday and managed to get my hands on a dress from H&M which I can't find a picture of on the internet. Its just a black jersey shift dress with a leather strip across the neckline, it's so cute! I also got some leather shorts from River Island, i thought they were a little bit short but with some tights I'm sure they'll be fine :)

And also from h&m I bought a pair of jeans... even though i have wayy to many pairs already they were a nice shade of denim :)
Today was freezing but I still ventured into Liverpool 1 and got myself another dress, as if i don't have enough?! I never ever ever ever go into Jane Norman but today my mum was like let's just go and have a look...



☮ & ♥


Jane said...

that Jane Norman dress is gorgeous!

Photostyle said...

How fab is that dress Rohini! It's like alexa chungs white one... I hope you thanked your mother mrs xx